Integrating Digital Collections into the Liberal Arts Curriculum



This poster showcases how the Five Colleges of Ohio intergrated digital collections into the liberal arts curriculum by engaging with students, faculty, and library staff.  The goals of this project include"

  1. Enhancing undergraduate undestanding and engagement with digital collections
  2. Using librarian-faculty partnerships to shape projects that are relevant to the current curriculum and have long-term value
  3. Reorganizing library work and priorities among staff to include digital collections

More about the NGL


Catalina Oyler (5 Colleges of Ohio), Jessica Clemons (College of Wooster), Joshua Finnell (Denison University)




A Student's Narrative Reflection on Digitally Archiving

Episteme: Denison University's International Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

Students at work


Helping Faculty Understand Digital Collections


Faculty at work

Librarians work with faculty individually to create mini-grant applications. These mini-grants describe how the projects will be used in the curriculum, how students will contribute or benefit from the collection, and what types of technology will be needed to generate a successful collection.


Digital Collections and Liberal Arts Library Staff



The NGL project helped library staff recognize the importance of digital collections to the liberal arts college library, and add digitial workflows to current practices.